Our services

Your project or investment program coordinated from A to Z by a local expert. We reduce the risk of failure and loss of capital

Our services :

Design and conduct of actions in line with the global action plan and the strategy of the client (the principal). Participation in the feasibility study of the project (realization of the African part of the study).

If necessary, management of the desired local human resources. Communication and relations with partners (authorities, media, other organizations).

Analysis of the contexts and the environment in which the actions are carried out.

Supervision of administrative and financial management agreed. Contribution to the management of relations with donors.

Advice, mediation and lobbying.

Commercial representation. Trade in raw materials and structural work equipment.

Search for financing for African SMEs/SMIs. Contribution of shareholders, Intermediation of sale / takeover of companies. Contribution of markets and projects, international fundraising.

The extent of our intervention depends on the mandate.

AMBASSADOR INVESTIS, We open the way to Africa for you.